Newcomer to Toronto meets veteran scenester worse for wear

In 2017 Nuit Blanche will celebrate its 12th anniversary. 

Uniqlo's inaugural sponsorship of this iconic event will allow the Japanese brand to connect with the city on a cultural level. The first few iterations of Nuit Blanche had overwhelmingly positive reviews but year-over-year, reports of disappointment surrounding the event grow. We need to bring the sparkle back.


In order to understand the motivations and interests of attendees, we conducted street interviews at Nuit Blanche 2016. Despite over 80% of those surveyed reporting disappointment, people keep coming back each year.

Why? Nuit Blanche is a massive and versatile social event that can’t be missed;

A set piece in the life of the city that offers something to love or hate for everyone. 





Drunken party






"Is this art"?

Complaints from art lovers centred around how Nuit Blanche has devolved from an outdoor contemporary art hop to a drunken street party. On the other end of the spectrum, those who came for the social aspect were confused and skeptical about the installations they saw.

We heard a lot of “is this art”? Whether joking or not, most people don’t understand contemporary art.

For many, Nuit Blanche is one of their few exposures to contemporary art. Naive but curious audiences are an asset, not an obstacle.

Art doesn't need to be taken seriously to be appreciated. “The most fun I’ve ever had at Nuit Blanche is when I turn off my brain.”

We heard a lot of “is this art”? Whether joking or not, most people don’t understand contemporary art.


It's not where you are, it's who you're with

Seasoned globetrotters will tell you beautiful sights are a dime a dozen, but people are the real soul of a place.

What differentiates Nuit Blanche in Toronto from all the others in the world is our unique and diverse community.

Uniqlo's Role

The (un)common thread that connects us all

Uniqlo's design ethos is to make clothes that become the building blocks of your own style.

Their understanding of how people dress themselves celebrates the consumer's individuality and self-expression.


Nuit Blanche is the exhibit. The city is the installation. Be part of the set piece.

You are Nuit Blanche

People love to complain about free stuff, but have a positive cognitive bias when they are personally invested.

Whether art lover or reveler, it's a night where everyone has their phones out and camera apps running.

We'll ask them to participate in the art in a way they can relate to by creating real-time projections of their photos and tweets mixed with professional art.