It's free and it's good but people aren't using it

Google is the first place we turn to with a question, but Think with Google, their consumer insights and data arm, is little-used by strategists. Along with making TwG a key part of agencies' planning process, we want to drive newsletter subscriptions and engagement with other Google tools.


To survive in an agency, you have to be relevant

We extended the audience to include account teams who also need their fair share of data and insights.

Interviewing both groups revealed that a lot of their time is spent maintaining the daily client relationship.

Regular communications are essential not just for discussing ongoing projects but to prove value and relevance -- a critical part of survival at the agency when jobs are lost with accounts.


Every conversation is a pitch

Pitches aren't limited to the board room.

Every phone call and e-mail is a chance to sell your ideas and make yourself indispensable to the client.


Think with Google keeps your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds

Accounts and planners fulfill different needs:

Account services play defense to minimize the downside and put out fires.

Planners play offense to maximize upside and make brand magic happen.

TwG's advantage compared to other research providers is the flexibility and "snackability" of their content.

It's fresh and concise, perfect for informing strategies or for check-ins with clients to remind them you're always thinking about their business.









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